Caso de éxito: City of Göttingen

Modern workflows with eFiles

Digital administration

eGovernment — that's the City of Göttingen's vision. Digital administrative work is not only faster and more transparent, but it also enables the City to offer services of genuine benefit to citizens. That's why the City of Göttingen now works with digital files in Doxis: for processing business taxes, in the legal and HR departments, for managing complaints, in the press archive and much more besides. The city administration is increasingly digitalizing its workflows with the ECM platform — and making itself a more attractive employer in the process.

In our case study, you learn

  • How Doxis simplifies document searching & filing for employees
  • Why the ECM platform makes the city a more attractive employer
  • How specialist systems are integrated into Doxis to enable seamless processes
  • Which departments, teams & centralized functions use Doxis

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