Prospecto: Doxis Quality Management

Quality management with ECM

Digital proof of quality

QM manuals are a must when it comes to correctly documenting quality in your company. And the benefits don't stop there: You also manage QM processes, fulfill legal requirements and create a reliable basis of evidence in the event of liability issues. Keeping it all running smoothly means your QM manual must be updated and correctly structured in line with ISO requirements at all times. Doxis helps you to manage, publish and catalog your QM documents and processes.

In this brochure, you learn

  • 10 ways Doxis helps you to implement secure quality management
  • How Doxis QM takes the stress out of (re-)certifications
  • How to expedite the roll-out of Doxis QM & use it to replicate ISO structures
  • Which other functions are covered by Doxis QM

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