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Keeping track of customers & suppliers worldwide

Superior quality, worldwide

With customers and suppliers on every continent, Duravit is a global operator offering top-quality sanitary fixtures worldwide. Duravit uses Doxis4 to meet customer demands quickly and accurately. The ECM platform contains all up-to-date information on orders, suppliers, contracts and more — and makes it available around the globe, day and night. Preventing costly production errors and enabling transparent collaboration are just some of the countless benefits Doxis4 unfolds. Investing in quality pays off in the long run.


In our case study, you learn

  • Why Duravit uses Doxis4 internationally & is extending the platform
  • How eFiles offer a 360° view of customers & suppliers
  • How Duravit assures production quality with Doxis4
  • Which solutions are a must when it comes to secure email & document archiving

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