Caso de éxito: Knipex

Audit-proof archive for emails & SAP documents

End-to-end processes

With SAP data and documents hidden away in five different modules, and emails and documents stored separately in Microsoft Exchange, it was time for Knipex to phase out its information silos. The company now archives all information in line with audit requirements and makes it available in the right business context, with the Doxis ECM platform. It's the foundation for end-to-end digital processes that don't stop at system boundaries.

In our case study, you learn

  • How Knipex archives information from SAP & Microsoft Exchange with Doxis
  • Which compliance requirements the company fulfills with the ECM platform
  • How eFiles make information available to customers & suppliers in the right process context
  • How Knipex digitalizes receipt confirmations with Doxis

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