What is document management?

Digital document management begins with inbound mail automation and ends with automated deletion after the retention period. In between, it creates efficient and intelligent processes around a digital document along the document lifecycle.

Document management simply explained

What is document management, and why does your organization need to focus on it? We'd like to explain not only the meaning of document management, but also its value. Because as your business grows, so too will the number of documents you need to capture, edit, file, and archive. It's time to optimize these document-driven processes and say goodbye to chaotic file directories.

Document management is essential to optimize your workflows: it covers everything related to handling, organizing, storing and securing documents. It allows you to collaborate more effectively with both internal and external parties, and exchange and edit documents without having to make endless copies. It enables you to meet, manage, and follow up on deadlines. After all, you need to know who's doing what, when they're doing it (or when they did it), and who else is involved or affected.

So it's clear: document management ensures you're not doing things twice, it fosters accountability, and gives you control over the plethora of documents that move through your business processes every day.

Document management as part of an intelligent ECM system

Effective document management is a cinch with today's future-oriented ECM systems. Most companies capture, steer, store and archive their documents using document management systems (DMS) — also known as modern enterprise content management systems (ECM).

Benefits of document management

Want to know more about the benefits of electronic document management? We've explained a few of these document management benefits below:

Greater ability to provide information

Even with huge document pools and mountains of documents requiring attention, the high-performing search functions of a document management system can quickly locate and retrieve the necessary information. The result: Employees find what they are looking for within seconds and can provide well-founded responses to customer inquiries — which, in turn, drives up customer satisfaction.

No copies circulating unchecked

Deploying a modern document management tool completely eliminates the need for redundant document versions, for instance multiple copies in different departments. Upon creation, every document is available in the ECM system and can be viewed directly by all other members of the project team with the relevant access rights — no need to forward documents via internal mail or email.

Stay compliant

A DMS makes it a cinch to fulfill legal guidelines, such as document- and sector-specific retention periods. Certified DMS software from a reputable vendor ensures full compliance with legal requirements.

Room for collaborative work

With a DMS platform, multiple people and departments across different locations and even countries can manage, view and edit documents simultaneously. Collaboration is easy, since project teams always have the right documents on hand and stay fully up to date.

Process automation

DMS solutions are capable of automating routine administrative steps, such as processes for document forwarding or document filing after creation. Invoice processing and inbound mail processing are just two examples.

What is a document management system (DMS)?

That's document management covered, but what is a document management system, or DMS? The meaning of this is clear just by looking at its name: It's a system that allows you to manage all of the documentation within your company, in the broadest sense.

These systems enable you to search through your documents for specific content, file them automatically, work on them through other software (such as Microsoft Office and Outlook), and comment on and edit documents without affecting the original. Document management systems even keep track of changes in your documents, so you can always check the most current version — and refer back to older versions when needed.

Beyond all of that, document management provides structure to the document ecosystem that exists within your business, making it so much easier to cross-reference documents in their specific business context, and review and edit them as you see fit.

What is document management?

Document management with Doxis

From the moment they begin creating documents, users will see and feel the advantages of document management using the modern Doxis ECM system. Data and documents can be searched directly from Microsoft Office applications. And because everything is stored in Doxis independently of format, employees can not only store audit-proof formats (PDF, TIFF, etc.) and MS Office files (Word, Excel and so on), but can also use these formats as the basis for creating new documents and for document filing in Doxis. Interested? Please refer to more information about Doxis on its dedicated DMS solution page.

What modern DMS software has to offer

Successful document management systems

Central & secure storage

Rather than storing documents multiple times in separate, unconnected systems, with DMS software companies can save everything centrally. Regardless of where employees are based out of, they save and access documents at a shared storage location. A document management system helps companies to fulfill compliance requirements, thanks to access authorizations, seamless change logs, the assignment of retention periods, audit-proof archiving and much more. Documents stay protected against theft, manipulation and loss.

Information with structure & context

DMS solutions bundle together documents and processes relating to a business case, customer or project in electronic files, making the information relevant and useful. Information can be stored in a uniform, structured way to give employees a 360° view of all information associated with the case. All documents are saved just once in the document management system. If documents are required in multiple scenarios, a link is created in the corresponding electronic file — eliminating the need to store multiple copies in different locations.

Seamless searching & access

A modern document management system includes a range of search functions that make it easy to locate information using full-text, metadata and similarity searches. Employees find the information they need quickly and precisely — even across multiple linked ERP, CRM, email and filing systems. A universal viewer displays various document formats with no need to swap to different search dialogs or applications. Information availability is expedited across the entire company.

Transparent processing steps

Every time a document is edited, the version control function — including check-in and check-out — creates a new document version. Version control offers full transparency regarding who made which changes and when, and everyone can see at a glance which version is the most up to date. Annotation features such as comments, sticky notes, stamps, highlighting and more can also be added, so colleagues can include extra information for one another directly in the digital document. This improves communication and aids processes in which multiple team members work on the same document.

Transparent document steering

With workflows, companies can automatically steer documents (emails, inbound invoices and more) to the right employee. Entire processes, such as releases and follow-ups, can be digitally modeled and automated, ensuring everyone involved in processing always has the right documents at the right time. Not only does this prevent delays caused by long idle periods, but also means everyone can clearly see the current status, processor and outstanding steps of a process instance.

How the Doxis document management system helps you:

  • Always in control of information: Centrally, transparently & securely manage your documents.
  • Information at the touch of a button: Quickly access all the information you need — anytime, anywhere.
  • Expedited processes: Rapidly, agilely and transparently steer documents.
  • The modern way of collaborating: Establish a secure basis of information for cross-location communication and collaboration.
  • Comprehensive protection: Store documents securely, e.g. in compliance with GoBD, EU GDPR, legal retention periods, etc.
  • Paperless office: Digitize your document-driven process instances from end-to-end — and become a digital leader!

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