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Are you still manually processing your invoices? Are you curious to find out how much savings potential there is in an automated process? Our Return on Investment Calculator shows, how much time and money you can save when implementing an automated invoice processing solution like Doxis Intelligent Invoice Automation.

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Customer Stories & Use Cases

5 reasons for automated invoice processing that might surprise you

Reducing costs and labor, speeding up throughput, meeting discount deadlines – these are the main reasons many companies decide to automate invoice processes. However, there are other benefits …

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12. April 2022 - 11:00 Uhr

Automated & intelligent invoice processing with ECM & SAP

Is your accounting department plagued by tedious manual processes and a lack of invoice process oversight? We can help! Doxis is a solution certified for SAP that processes invoices intelligently …

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Customer Story

Eissmann Group Automotive: Invoice management with Doxis & SAP

Eissmann Group Automotive has been using the Doxis ECM platform company-wide for a long time now. Even inbound invoices are digitalized with Doxis InvoiceMaster. The automation of invoice …

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