Prospecto: Doxis Fast Starters Catalog

Doxis Fast Starters Catalog

Ready to use - preconfigured Fast Starters

With the Doxis Fast Starters library, Doxis ICA offers a wide range of preconfigured and easy-to-modify ECM apps - workspaces and workflows - for specific departments and industries, which is constantly being expanded. Fast Starters can be quickly imported from Doxis Business Studio with one click and without configuration effort. This catalog contains the currently available Fast Starters.

The catalog contains Fast Starters of the following categories:

  • Workspaces for specific departments, e.g. for sales, legal department or project management
  • Cross-departmental Fast Starters, e.g. for add-hoc tasks and collaboration
  • Industry-specific workspaces, e.g. for insurance, real estate, etc.

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