White paper: EU GDPR-compliant ILM for SAP

Get your SAP system in shape for the EU GDPR

Data protection breaches: No trivial matter

The EU GDPR applies to all information across your company — and that includes data and transactions in systems like SAP. Tougher sanctions on violations can truly hurt. You don't have to take that risk. Even better, you can ensure all data in all systems is fully protected. In the case of SAP, there is a secure solution: Doxis webDAV Connector for ILM.

In this white paper, you learn

  • What is required by the EU GDPR & sanctions in the event of violations
  • How a ten-point plan will help you get started on implementing the EU GDPR
  • Which organizational & technical challenges you should be aware of
  • How Doxis webDAV Connector for ILM assures data protection in SAP

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