Product video: Sale process automation and intelligent contract analysis

Integrated, smart sales processes and process modelling

Doxis at work

To reduce time and effort, downstream sales processes are automatically triggered by incoming customer requests. Once triggered, the documents are analyzed and information is extracted; all content is then mirrored in the respective CRM system. In this use case, the external contract can be analyzed using the Doxis Contract Analyzer, where questions can be asked in natural language and the answer is given. A quote is automatically created and submitted to the customer, who can then actively collaborate via the Doxis iRoom to approve, reject the order, or request changes. In the last step, we show how you can model and edit processes with the embedded BPMN 2.0 designer. All on-the-go adjustments can be done, e.g. in Camunda. 

What this video will show you:

  • How sales processes are handled with CRM integrations
  • How contracts can be analyzed and questions asked in natural language
  • How the customer can collaborate directly on the offer via the Doxis iRoom
  • How processes can be conveniently modelled and edited - even on the go

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