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Digital KTQ-compliant hospital manual

Quality assurance made easy

At LWL hospitals, employees always need access to the latest version of the hospital manual to ensure they stay on top of all relevant QM guidelines. That's why LWL introduced a digital manual — based on Doxis— that complies with German KTQ quality standards. The manual not only documents QM processes; it also makes it easier for QM officers to create, publish and update quality documents as necessary. With Doxis, LWL ensures consistent high quality and creates a reliable framework for successful recertifications.

In our case study, you learn

  • Why LWL hospitals particularly value the Doxis KTQ manual
  • How Doxis makes it easier for LWL to maintain & document high quality standards in hospitals
  • Why the digital KTQ manual reduces the preparatory work involved in recertifications
  • How LWL has rolled out the KTQ manual at six hospitals

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