Electronic project files & virtual project rooms with Doxis

Projects on time & budget

Make project information available to all partners, manage projects efficiently and transparently, and consistently meet deadlines.

Integrated project partners

The secure virtual project room simplifies the way you work with external experts, lawyers and engineers.

End-to-end documentation

Automatically document every process step to ensure transparency and accountability in the case of liability issues.

I have an overview of all project information and each employee gets exactly the information that is needed.

Johannes Gebetsberger, Application Services Project Manager and project leader of the Doxis launch, TGW Logistics Group

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Access project information from anywhere

Find all project documents, drawings, images, videos, plans, correspondence and more in the project context — the electronic project file is even accessible on the go from any mobile device.

Transparently structure projects

With Doxis project files, you structure project information exactly the way you need it — and use the same structure as a template for future projects.

Protect project information

Protect your project files and information against unauthorized access, manipulation and deletion, and archive all documents in an audit-proof way.

Keep all changes transparent

Doxis can automatically notify you at any time if changes are made to your project files or the associated documents, tasks and processes.

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Keep projects running on time & budget

Whether you work in construction, event management, or production — projects play a key role in every sector and often consist of large teams spread across different departments and locations. With Doxis, internal and external project partners alike have rapid access to all the latest project information and collaborate with full transparency — courtesy of Doxis electronic project files and virtual project rooms in the Doxis® iRoom®. They provide a central location to bundle all documents, data, emails, drawings, tasks and processes relating to your project. Decisions, responsibilities and the current project status are all transparently documented. This helps you to keep your projects running on time and budget.

Case study

Our employees and project partners can securely exchange documents via the ECM system, which significantly shortens lead times.

Martin Mermolja, Senior System Administrator Customer Management, Sunrise Communications AG

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Collaboration in the virtual project room

The Doxis® iRoom® enables you to create virtual project and data rooms to collaborate with people outside of your organization — either as an ongoing solution, for a limited time, or for spontaneously constructed teams:

  • Invite external users to join the iRoom via email and collaborate worldwide in 13 languages.
  • Access and manage current documents, tasks and processes online at any time you want.
  • Convenient dashboards provide an overview of your projects with activity feeds, tasks and reports.


How the Doxis® iRoom® supports a global supplier network

Watch our video to find out how Eissmann Group Automotive has set up a collaboration portal with its network of over 2,000 suppliers based on the Doxis® iRoom®. Digital supplier files also provide them a 360° view of all information.

Manage processes digitally across all systems

Integrate your ERP, CRM, PPS and CAD systems and let Doxis automatically transfer and update the information across all platforms. When Doxis detects a new entry in another system, for instance SAP, it directly creates a project file and initiates the corresponding process — e.g. review of a quote for materials, or the approval of drawings.

  • Jump quickly and easily to other systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, or Salesforce
  • Integrate Google Maps or GPS data on project sites into your eFiles
  • Use the Doxis Viewer to display over 250 compatible formats — no installation of the original application necessary
  • File, search, version and annotate documents in Microsoft Office & SharePoint with Doxis

Find the right DMS for your needs!

What should a DMS offer? What are the benefits you seek from it? This guide takes you step by step through the process of finding and launching a document management system. It includes practical information and checklists, use cases and recommendations.



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