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Italcer Group is a luxury corporate group in the ceramic tile sector, producing high quality outdoor and indoor ceramic products for customers across Italy and Europe. Italcer faced new challenges in compliance and risk issues with the enactment of Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001, which regulates the administrative liability of legal entities to ensure the fairness and transparency of business activities. 

With Doxis 231, Italcer found the perfect solution. It provides audit, risk and compliance management-as-a-service to effectively monitor the principles, instruments and conduct related to its organizational model.

Read the full case study to find out

  • How workflow automation speeds up compliance & audit processes to increase accountability
  • Why Doxis 231 has drastically improved transparency & mitigates risk
  • How data insights through Doxis 231 improve decision-making & reporting
  • How Italcer organizes documents to keep compliant & encourage collaboration across the workforce

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