ECM for banks & financial service providers

Better customer service

Streamline and speed up your processes for recording and handling customer inquiries, loan applications and property financing.

Swift loan processing

Process loan inquiries faster with all the necessary documents bundled in credit files and ensure full process transparency.

Improved resource utilization

Make work easier for employees by automating manual tasks such as data capture, filing, the preparation of credit agreements and deadline management.

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In our eyes, mobile working — and that includes from home — in both large and medium-sized companies is impossible in this day and age without a good document management system.

Andreas Büttner, Head of IT, M.M.Warburg Bank

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Make sound decisions

Systematically bring together information from core bank systems, bank procedures, ERP & CRM and use the full overview to make sound decisions and provide immediate information.

Shorten response times

Automate data entry, bring together incoming mail, emails and applications from online forms and automatically forward them to the right processor.

Optimized verification & approval processes

Verify and release loan applications, overdraft extensions, property financing and more much faster with automated approval processes with links to supporting documents.

Mitigate legal risks

Automate the audit-proof archiving of documents and transaction data. Verifiably comply with retention periods and data protection requirements.

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Efficient organization, happy customers

The volumes of documents handled by banks and financial service providers is growing steadily in daily business: loan applications, risk analyses, contracts, credit ratings, real estate assessments, stock settlements and many more. Doxis makes these documents, processes and files available in business processes. You manage these documents automatically, enhancing efficiency and improving customer satisfaction with faster case handling.

Case study

We launched a centralized ECM platform with the goal of creating order, transparency and auditability within our corporate document-based processes. With Doxis, we've reached this goal.

Petra John, responsible for written rules of procedure, Aareal Bank Group

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ECM solutions for banks & financial service providers

Loan & lease files

Electronic files for loans, leases or property financing bring together and provide all documents and customer data relevant for the decision-making process.

Integration in bank systems

Transfer information from integrated leading applications to index electronic credit files, contract files, etc. and to retrieve credit files from the leading system.

Work on & manage documents

Location-independent and effective processing of loans, automated digital statements of account, monthly payment plans, etc., all via customer portals.

Governance, risk & compliance (GRC)

With Doxis, it is easy and convenient to publish and manage specifications and official documents for risk management and to fulfill requirements for quality management.

Compliance & data protection covered

Risk management guidelines (governance, risk and compliance, GRC) not only regulate how finance processes must be managed, but they also require adherence to strict reporting standards. Doxis helps banks and financial service providers to publish and manage specification documents and documentation in a simple and easy way. With Doxis you also verifiably comply with data protection requirements including the EU GDPR: The numerous Doxis certifications are testimony to this.

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We are a bank, not an IT company. If we had the expertise in-house, it would make us some kind of general store. That's why we depend on SER as the knowledgeable solution partner for our ECM projects. Without their competent support, we would not be nearly so efficient.

Gudrun Otte, Head of Project and Quality Management, FCA BANK Deutschland

Is your legacy system holding you back?

Discontinued support, missing scalability, security gaps — Doxis frees you from the shackles of your legacy applications so you can phase out outdated, poorly maintained systems. Our proven migration concept introduces you to the world of the scalable, flexible Doxis ECM platform. You decide how your solution should be run: on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid of the two. Regardless of whether you have to migrate ten gigabytes or hundreds of terabytes!

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