Web client – Flexible access to your documents, records, process instances & work items

A universal ECM client for all browsers –
Doxis4 webCube

Nothing to install, simple administration and cross-platform capability are just some of the unbeatable benefits offered by the Doxis4 web client for working with documents, records, process instances and work items. The Doxis4 webClient is particularly suited to companies whose business processes extend outside of their own structures. Provided you have Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome installed on your computer or tablet and you are connected to the Internet, you will be able to work with Doxis4 webCube.

Doxis4 webCube is the universal web-based client for the Doxis4 iECM Suite. Featuring a compact design, the web-based client covers all functions needed for filing, accessing and working with documents, records, process instances and work items, no matter which operating system and hardware platform you are using. The use of state-of-the-art, universal web technology means that there is almost no end to the ways you can use and integrate Doxis4 webCube – from a comprehensive ECM client for power users and a platform for working with external project and business partners, right down to the selective integration of the webCube into other web applications, Wikis and customer portals.

Doxis4 iECM Suite's efficient ECM infrastructure and central Doxis4 Content Repository provide a basic platform for browser-based work in the Doxis4 webCube. In addition to flexible online access, users also have access to Windows-based and mobile Doxis4 clients that can be used at the same time in one solution. 

Doxis4 webCube can be adapted to suit the needs of the organisation in question, all the way down to individual user level. Doxis4 webCube also features familiar, intuitive controls just like a desktop application, including drag & drop, context-based ribbons, adjustable windows, and many other practical functions. The use of modern web technology means that working in Doxis4 webCube is just as easy as working in a browser.

Browser-based search & display

Doxis4 webCube uses the same intelligent search functions as the Windows client so that users are able to access the entire information pool using features like the quick search, index search, intelligent fulltext search and hierarchical record navigation.

The new HTML5 viewer can display over 300 different types of file formats and also incorporates various annotation functions from the Windows client into the web browser environment.

Browser-based filing, processing & workflows

Thanks to the universal web-based client for the Doxis4 iECM Suite, users are able to file and archive documents, records, process instances and work items in a single client. They can then use the same client to find these items again and start work. For example, Doxis4 webCube includes functions for checking “live” documents in and out, creating various working versions, adding annotations, and forwarding documents following appropriate checks. Once a document has been finalised, Doxis4 webCube then files it in the Doxis4 Archive in a secure and audit-proof manner.

Browser-based integration

As the client can be integrated into other web pages and portals and managed using URL and iFrame, all of Doxis4's functions can also be opened up for use in other web-based solutions at the company, e.g. on the Intranet or in customer portals. Access to the client can be managed using the authentication processes in Doxis4 webCube. For example, companies have the option of integrating the Doxis4 workbasket or pre-configured result lists into their portal.

The Doxis4 cubeWiki (the term comes from merging “Doxis4 webCube” with “Wiki”) is a Wiki for the Doxis4 iECM Suite. Users are able to access the Wiki directly from Doxis4 webCube. 

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What it has to offer

  • Universal web-based ECM client for documents, records, process instances and work items
  • Supported on all common browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome)
  • Windows, web-based and mobile clients can be used at the same time in a single solution
  • Secure solution for providing access to business partners, other branches, etc.
  • No installation process required and simple administration

Features & strengths

  • Hardware- and platform-independent client

    Doxis4 webCube is the universal web-based ECM client for the Doxis4 iECM Suite. No matter what hardware or operating system you are using, you are able to access the client from any standard web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome). You therefore don't need to spend time installing the Suite on a number of different devices – it is the perfect solution for working on documents, records, process instances and work items from a number of different sites and locations.

  • Efficient web-based environment

    Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art HTML5 and Ajax technology, Doxis4 webCube is both easy to use and efficient. Its intuitive user interface reflects familiar applications in Microsoft Office and Windows. Documents are easy to store thanks to the simple drag & drop function. The context-sensitive ribbon automatically adapts to the current application, just like in Microsoft Office. The central design function in the Doxis4 webCube client is used for configuring and adapting interfaces to suit particular user groups and application scenarios.

  • Your own personal workspace in a browser

    After logging in, Doxis4 webCube provides users with their own online workspace with direct access to relevant information stored in the Content Repository. The workstation provides users with a list of all pending work items in their own personal workbasket, in group workbaskets and in any other workbaskets to which they have access. Users also have the option of setting up personal directories for quick access to particular documents, records and search settings.

  • Integrated document display

    Special document formats that can normally only be viewed in their original applications can be accessed in Doxis4 webCube, even if you don't have access to said application. Doxis4 webCube's integrated HTML5 viewer is compatible with 300 different formats and even enables you to add annotations too. This covers all common formats such as images and Office documents. The original application simply has to be installed on the device for editing purposes. The server prepares the documents for display on a page-by-page basis and then transfers them to the browser.

  • Integration on Wikis and portals

    Doxis4 webCube helps users to find Wiki content stored in the Doxis4 Content Repository using metadata and fulltext search functions. This link enables companies to integrate their own Wiki solution, the Doxis4 cubeWiki, creating a collaborative and editable knowledge management platform within the Doxis4 iECM Suite. This link between webCube and cubeWiki also works in the other direction and can be used on other types of portals: So-called portlets can be used to integrate Doxis4 webCube functions directly into web pages and Wiki sites.

  • Guaranteed security, even from your browser

    As with the other clients, users log into Doxis4 webCube via the Doxis4 server. Existing Windows user administration structures can be used for this process. The Doxis4 user administration and rights concept follows the user authentication. Once you have defined the rights concept in Doxis4 cubeDesigner, it can be applied for all Doxis4 clients. If companies wish to incorporate business partners and project participants into their Doxis4 web client (for example, to give them access to documents, records or processes), they can apply existing master data (customers, suppliers, partners) and user accounts when registering users. This makes administration easier and helps to ensure that business partners only have access to their own documents, records and process instances.

  • Parallel use on other clients and devices

    Doxis4 webCube is just one of the ways you can access your documents, records, process instances and work items in Doxis4. Depending on the situation in question, the functions needed, and usage rates, employees are able to use the additional Windows-based or mobile clients to access Doxis4 on their PCs, laptops, tablets or smartphones. For access to Doxis4 on-the-go, Doxis4 webCube is recommended for all devices larger than a tablet while Doxis4 mobileCube is more suitable for use on smartphones. Doxis4 webCube gives you access to the latest versions of documents, records, process instances and work items at any time, no matter where you are in the world. A particular highlight is the Suite's central client-independent user concept which is defined in Doxis4 cubeDesigner.

Universal web client

Doxis4 webCube provides users with quick and simple access to search and filing dialogs, workbaskets and favourites in the Doxis4 iECM Suite. Context-sensitive menus, tab-based navigation and adjustable views give users easy access to all Doxis4 web functions in a single, browser-based Office-style interface.

Preview Lupe
Preview Lupe

Taking you exactly where you need to go

In just a few clicks of the mouse, you can adjust the Doxis4 webCube client to suit your individual needs and tasks. The favourites option and a list of recently used content takes you straight to certain documents, records and work items. Information objects aren't the only things that can be set as personal or general favourites, you can also save common search templates for repeated use. 

Share information in an organized and secure way

Records, folders or individual documents can be shared in project rooms according to flexible access rights for functions such as displaying, editing and up- or downloading. Project tasks can also be distributed to internal and external project members and centrally monitored.

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Overview of functions in Doxis4 webCube

Web client

  • Ability to work on documents and records and perform processes within a universal browser-based application
  • User interface that combines modern web technology with Office-style design & functions, (including drag & drop, ribbons, tabbed browsing, etc.)
  • Option to configure functions and interfaces to suit a range of application scenarios and user groups
  • Personal settings: favourites, views, directories, etc.
  • Standard web architecture - based on J2EE servlet, JSP for template engine
  • Compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome
  • Single Sign-On via Windows authentication (Kerberos) 

Search & display

  • Search function that covers the entire Doxis4 Content Repository using a number of search dialogs and quick searches (depending on the case in question)
  • Index search covering document attributes
  • Fulltext search covering document content – fault-tolerant and language-independent
  • Combined search covering both document attributes and content
  • Dynamic results lists with sorting, grouping and filter functions
  • Access to documents, search templates and workbaskets from RSS feed
  • Display function compatible with 300 file formats – including annotations, page-by-page loading
  • On-the-fly conversion from image files to PDF


Filing & indexing

  • Filing and mapping (e.g. in records/folders) using a drag & drop function
  • Manual and automatic indexing using document attributes or content
  • Universal adjustable filing templates and metadata capturing methods
  • Contextual support when entering index values

Editing & collaboration

  • Version management and check-in/check-out system
  • Function enabling teams to work together on “live” documents (collaboration)
  • Notification service for receiving updates when changes are made to documents, records and search results
  • Locking and delete functions
  • Wide range of annotation tools for adding notes, marking text and providing comments

Web integration

  • Integration of native Wiki plus version management and editing functions in Doxis4
  • Combined search function covering both “normal” documents and Wiki documents
  • DMS version and access management functions covering additional Wiki documents
  • Mashup capable web components/URL (as used with Google Maps)
  • Option to integrate portlets into websites for Doxis4 templates and results lists


  • Tenant capability
  • Integrated development environment and multilingual customisation – Doxis4 cubeDesigner
  • Design function for filing templates, search templates and results lists
  • Configuration for views, access rights and network sharing
  • Wide range of scripting options
  • Centralised or decentralised administration (user, group or role structures)
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