Prospecto: Doxis Content Bridge for SAP and Salesforce

Doxis Content Bridge for SAP and Salesforce

360° view for your business!

Employees looking for information on customers, suppliers or projects spend 36% of their day trawling through as many as 11 different systems, from SAP to Salesforce, from ticket systems to Teams. This not only slows down processes; it also increases risks. Doxis Content Bridge for SAP & Salesforce builds a bridge to your systems, creating a shared basis of information and delivering on-demand information in the right context. 


In this flyer you will learn

  • How to enhance efficiency by up to 70% by automating document-based processes
  • How to create a single source of truth of customer information
  • How to improve customer service and thereby satisfaction & loyalty
  • How to connect content across SAP, Salesforce & MS Teams

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