Digitize documents with Doxis

Basis for digital working

Scan paper as early as possible and set up the basis for digital business processes that will boost cross-company productivity.

Shorten processing times

Scan mail, invoices and other incoming documents, automatically distribute them & prevent transportation and waiting times.

Automatically read content

Automatically recognize the document types upon arrival, where they come from, and if they contain EU GDPR-relevant data.

We want to be using as little paper as possible while speeding up inbound mail processes. With Doxis, we now have the right solution in place.

Martin Mermolja, Senior System Administrator Customer Management, Sunrise Communications AG

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Work on documents digitally and faster

Automate manual tasks such as document routing and filing to help your employees to reclaim time for value-creating document work.

Shorter response times, happy customers

Doxis recognizes when a customer addresses an urgent or important matter, prioritizes it and routes it to the right person, speeding up responses to service cases.

Improve your data quality

By automatically capturing and indexing all documents with Doxis, you can prevent human errors and improve the quality of your documents and data.

Overview of all scanning processes

With Doxis, you maintain a constant overview of volume and throughput times of scanning processes and utilize machine-learning to continuously improve results.

Doxis Capture at work

Lay the foundation for digital processes

Do you receive some of your offers, invoices, contracts and other documents on paper? Then Doxis can help you to digitize and continue working on a digital basis. Whether it’s single letters or a batch of documents: With Doxis Capture, you can scan all of these documents upon arrival, place them in their business context for others and trigger the next processes automatically. This means you can shorten throughput times, free up your employees from manual tasks and ensure that compliance requirements are met from the get-go. Digitize documents with Doxis from the very beginning and lay the foundation for cross-company digital processes!

Case study

I really appreciate the ability to work digitally: It’s more modern, faster & more efficient.

René Schmalen, Head of Claims, Delvag Versicherungs-AG, Lufthansa Corporation

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From paper to digital document


Doxis enables you to scan documents individually or in batches — with a central scanner or at separate locations. For batch scans, you can separate documents easily per barcode, by page number or also manually.


Turn, move, combine, delete & re-scan pages and add annotations: It’s possible to correct documents already during the scanning process with Doxis Capture, which means you can get the best possible results quickly.


Doxis reads, for example, addresses, names, customer and invoice numbers from scanned documents and passes this information on as metadata, which forms the basis for accurately filing and quick discovery later on. It’s also possible to add further metadata at any time.

Intelligent capture

Intelligent assignment

Automatically assign digitized documents to the right business context, e.g. invoices to supplier files and contracts to customer files. This way, finding information is much faster.

Comparing with the ERP & CRM

Doxis recognizes addresses, order numbers, account numbers, etc. in scanned documents & compares them automatically with your integrated ERP and CRM, and then updates accordingly.

Archiving & compliance

Doxis protects documents from unwanted access, modifications & deletions. It also automatically sets up retention periods and archives everything compliantly, e.g. with EU GDPR.

Initiate next processes

Doxis automatically can initiate the next process for each document — for example, the invoice verification process — and finds the right person for the job.

Since we started using the Doxis Classification & Extraction Service, our mail has been distributed to the right employees much more quickly.

Ivonne Berger, Project Manager DIAS & Doxis, Aktion Mensch e.V.

Capture with Doxis

  • Single & batch scanning for paper documents with centralized & decentralized scanning
  • Import files & emails
  • Document separation per barcode, by page number & manual
  • Combine documents
  • Extensive indexing options
  • Annotate documents during capture process
  • OCR, PDF/A conversion & MRC method
  • Automatic form recognition, image cleanup & image enhancements
  • Start processes directly from the capture process
  • Basis for digital inbound mail & invoice processing and company-wide digital document steering
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