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ECM for utility providers

ECM for utilities providers

With Doxis, you supply customers with all information and the best service.

Water, electricity, gas: Utilities providers do much more than simply supply utilities and the necessary infrastructure. They are providers of services to the public — who today are more clued up and quick to swap suppliers than ever before. Offering green electricity ceased to be a USP long ago. From changing providers to inquiries about rates and contracts, customers want fast, transparent service around the clock. So, what's the best way to secure your customers' loyalty? By responding quickly and delivering information fast — ideally via a convenient app or portal. At the same time, not only must you stay compliant with metering regulations and the EU GDPR, but also be able to prove your compliance at all times. How? With Doxis!

Doxis for utilities

What’s the key to success in utilities? Keeping your customers happy by providing them with information instantly. With powerful search tools, advanced information extraction and automated insights, Doxis can give you the answers you need.

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White paper

Digital transformation of utilities with ECM

Based on numerous case studies, this white paper demonstrates how utilities providers can use ECM to accelerate processes, improve service quality, ensure transparency and compliance, and thus gain important competitive advantages.

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ECM solutions for the utilities sector

Digital customer services

Give your customers EU GDPR-compliant access to contracts, meter readings, invoices, customer information and much more at any time by integrating Doxis with your apps and portals.

Construction, house & grid connection eFiles

Electronic files give you central access to all connection diagrams, on-site measurements, tender documents, settlements, images, emails, data from ERP, CRM & GIS, and more.

Automated processes

Automatically manage applications, tenders, project releases, budget approvals and more with Doxis and speed up your processes: fast response times = happy customers!

Smart maintenance

Doxis opens the door for mobile working: From reading meters to carrying out maintenance and visiting construction sites, you have all documents in digital format at your fingertips and can add new information directly from on site.

These utilities providers are already working with Doxis

The advantages of Doxis


Secure customer loyalty with convenient digital services


Quickly respond to customer inquiries


Automate processes and cut costs


Document compliance with DIN VDE, EU GDPR, etc.


Individualize customer care with content analytics


Archive documents with retention periods in line with audit requirements

Case study

Raffinerie Heide GmbH: Harnessing the power of ECM & BPM

Raffinery Heide, a crude oil refinery, relies on the Doxis enterprise content management platform to support many areas of the company. For instance, Doxis is used to store and manage technical drawings, archive SAP data and manage electronic records. To successfully run its approval process for all types of projects, Raffinerie Heide relies on Doxis BPM.

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Logo der Raffinerie Heide

The digitalization of internal and customer-centric processes, supported by SER, is an important component of the overall digitalization strategy of our public utilities company.

Horst Schröder, Head of Shared Services, Stadtwerke Frankenthal GmbH

More service with content analytics

Doxis is the foundation for providing the best customer service.

Identify customer needs early on

Doxis uses content analytics to recognize emotions — e.g. in emails from customers — and prioritize processing accordingly. The result: You respond faster to particularly urgent customer matters and improve customer satisfaction.

Make processes customer-centric

Doxis automatically assigns new documents and emails to the right business context and process — leaving you more time to provide individualized customer care.

Avoid risks

Doxis flags up invalid clauses in contracts with suppliers, incorrect invoices and more, helping you to guard against risks such as lost time, unnecessary costs and reputational damage.

Transparent documentation

Doxis both documents all information and ensures its validity.

Do your meters comply with safety standards and grid connection regulations? Are metering points equipped with smart metering technology? Document all of this information and more with Doxis. Not only does Doxis ensure you comply with sector-specific standards, it also safeguards

  • EU GDPR - compliant processing, storage & deletion of personal data
  • Audit-proof archiving of documents subject to legal retention periods
  • Conformance with many more compliance requirements — the numerous Doxis certifications are testimony to this.

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