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Immediately find all personnel records & data


Seamlessly manage your HR processes from anywhere


Securely store HR documents & data

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Electronic HR files with Doxis4 are your basis for fast and secure human resource processes.

When it comes to inquiries relating to employees, applicants, contracts, expenses or insurance, as HR you are the first point of contact. The Doxis4 electronic HR file helps you to perfect the art of responding quickly: Immediately find all HR documents, emails, processes and data from your HR system — clearly structured and available anywhere, anytime. From processing and filing applicant documents to managing the onboarding process and granting access to HR files. 

Electronic HR files with Doxis4: Your advantages


Find & process all HR documents fast


Access all personnel files anywhere, anytime


Transparently manage all HR processes


Keep full track of all contract & termination deadlines


Verifiably protect HR data


Archive files compliantly & automatically comply with retention periods

What's behind the power of the ?

Doxis4 eFiles simplify your daily work — thanks to the power of the e.

Doxis4 electronic files are your gateway to rolling out digital processes and collaboration company-wide. eFiles pool all information across multiple departments on, e.g. customers, suppliers, products, projects, employees and much more. Doxis4 eFiles make your digital information management:

  • Informed: See all relevant information at a glance
  • Structured: View the business context from all kinds of perspectives
  • Secure: Document processes, protect & store information securely

Best practice

Welcome to the digital world!

In just three months, the HR team at HANSA-FLEX rolled out the electronic personnel file with Doxis4 — saving each employee an hour of searching every day. Read on to find out how the hydraulics specialist is optimizing HR management across all of its sites with Doxis4.


means clear

The Doxis4 electronic personnel file brings together all information on your employees.

Information in its context

From employee contracts to meeting minutes and letters of reference, the Doxis4 personnel file bundles together all documents relating to an employee. It's also where you'll find associated HR data and processes.

Structured storage

The Doxis4 personnel file has a uniform folder structure, e.g. for application, payroll and insurance documents, making it easier for you to quickly store and retrieve documents as you need them.

Access from anywhere

Holding a staff meeting off-site? Attending a job fair? Working from home? Wherever you are and whatever device you use, it's simple to access the Doxis4 personnel file — even at the same time as several other colleagues.

means clear

The Doxis4 electronic personnel file brings together all information on your employees.

Information in its context

Structured storage

Access from anywhere

means practical

The practical DMS functions in Doxis4 make it easy to work on your HR documents.

Fast filing

Doxis4 helps you assign contracts, wage/salary slips, time sheets and more to the right personnel files and folders. Doxis4 versions new documents with full transparency.

Clear annotations

Do you work with highlighting, notes and stamps on your paper copies? There's a digital equivalent in Doxis4 — so you can continue to process your HR documents in the same way and share information with colleagues.

Automatic deadline reminder

Doxis4 notifies you ahead of time about contract extensions, time limits, upcoming training and anniversaries — and automatically supplies all the documents you need to deal with the matter at hand.

Microsoft Office integration

All Doxis4 DMS functions can also be used directly in Microsoft Office. You can even search and file without even having to leave your document.

means practical

The practical DMS functions in Doxis4 make it easy to work on your HR documents.

Fast filing

Clear annotations

Automatic deadline reminder

Microsoft Office integration

means integrated

The integration of Doxis4 with your business applications saves you multiple process steps:

From SAP or Oracle to ADP or VEDA, with Doxis4 you integrate any HR and invoicing system into your personnel eFiles and streamline your work in the process:

  • Adding a new employee to the HR system? Doxis4 automatically creates a new personnel file and launches the onboarding proces
  • Doxis4 automatically transfers HR data and documents, e.g. wage/salary slips
  • Switch directly between a Doxis4 personnel file & your business application at any time

means transparent

With Doxis4, you digitally map all HR processes: transparently and across departments.

Recruitment, training, onboarding/offboarding: Your processes involve countless documents, many of which change hands multiple times. With Doxis4, you manage and process everything digitally: Whether it's a question about job applicant criteria for the hiring department or about severance agreements for the legal team, you steer documents and the associated tasks directly towards the right colleagues. Doxis4 gives you a clear overview of who completed what task and what is still outstanding.

means secure

Doxis4 personnel files verifiably protect all documents and data on your employees.

Only specific employees and managers can access sensitive employee information. With Doxis4, you say exactly who can see, edit and delete which files, folders and documents. And if an employee requests access to their own personnel file, Doxis4 contains a separate workflow specifically for this purpose, so it's easy for you to grant temporary access to the employee in question.

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means on time

Doxis4 is a certified solution for the audit-proof archiving of your personnel files.

Doxis4 archives all HR files and documents in compliance with audit requirements, automatically assigning and monitoring retention periods:

  • 2 years: minimum for written warnings, overtime sheets, etc.
  • 3 years: recommended for all documents
  • 6 years: for wage tax-related data & documents
  • 10 years: payroll documents relevant for profit reporting
  • You can also assign other individual retention periods as necessary

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With Doxis4, you have the perfect basis for introducing digital document and process management not only in HR, but company-wide. Temp agencies use staffing files and more with Doxis4. It doesn't matter in which industry or department your digital solutions are required, Doxis4 can be deployed universally, making it the right fit for your company!

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